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VIP Session with Jon Lai

Sept 13, 11am PST

Join a16z investor Jon Lai for a fascinating look at the forefront on gaming & game investing.  Where is Jon focusing his time & bets? Find out here. Learn more about Jon's background here.
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Journey Challenge

Sept 13-15, 10am & 7pm PST

This is a FREE 3-day challenge course, available exclusively to members of the Game Thinking Hub. Join us and learn, step-by-step, what goes into creating a strong customer journey, then analyze the customer journey in a competitor's product. You'll learn a key concept that every product leader should understand.


Anatomy of a Superfan Screener

Oct 4th, 9am PST

Learn how to create a high impact superfan screener with Game Thinking Coach Ian Brand - Innovation Lead and Product Strategist @ General Motors. Bring your question and work in progress.

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How EVE Online built tools to support emergent gameplay, with CEO Hilmar Pétursson

Sometimes the best ideas for your product come from your customers. That’s why the developers of the long-running massively multiplayer game EVE online watch what their players are doing, and build tools to support what they are trying to do Listen in as CCP CEO Hilmar Pétursson tells us about 3 tools that EVE developers built to support emergent player behavior.


5 Embarrassing INNOVATION MISTAKES I made, and what I learned

When you’re innovating, you’re going to make a lot of mistakes. The trick is to recognize your mistakes, and learn from them. So today, I’m getting personal, and sharing 5 embarrassing mistakes I’ve made, and what I learned from them, so you can avoid falling into these traps.

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