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Prototype your Customer Journey with AI Storyboards with Amy Jo Kim

Wed, June 5, 9am PST, Free to join


  • 3 common prototyping mistakes – & what to do instead
    Learn which time-wasting mistakes you need to avoid when testing fake landing pages & Figma mockups
  • Why storyboards help you spot retention problems earlier
    Discover the 4-part storyboard format that lets you spot engagement problems during early concept tests
  • How to storyboard your Customer Journey faster with GenAI
    Get specific prompts & expert tips that will help you create your own end-to-end Journey Storyboards


Concept Storyboards are end-to-end lifecycle sketches that illustrate your customer’s product experience over time - from discovery through onboarding, habit-building, & mastery. Unlike Figma mockups, which focus on your UX, Concept Storyboards show what’s happening in your customer’s life as they use your product. GenAI makes creating storyboards easier than ever. Amy Jo will show you how.

Game Design & Memory Reconsolidation with Ryan Douglas

Thursday, June 13, 9am PST

Trauma recovery is a huge challenge in the mental health field - and memory re-consolidation is a data-backed theory that drives treatments like EMDR.

Ryan Douglas, co-founder of DeepWell DTx, believes that his team has "cracked the code" for creating a game mechanic that drives memory re-consolidation in an immersive VR environment. If he's right, this opens the door to exciting new opportunities for trauma recovery & treatment.

If you're involved with digital therapeutics, this is a can't-miss session.

Validate ideas 10X faster with Customer Journey Storyboards with Amy Jo & Scott Kim

June 18-29, 9am PST

What if you could quickly test your Customer Journey with just-right testers – with the help of Generative AI?

In this course, you'll learn how to research, design & prototype your 30-day product experience with Customer Journey Storyboards.

You'll learn specific, actionable techniques that help you:

  • choose the right people to test your ideas on
  • surface relevant habits & needs with 5-minute interviews
  • drive retention with a habit-building Core Loop
  • define the Story Beats of your customer experience
  • visualize & test your product experience with low-fidelity Customer Journey Storyboards

Using your Journey Storyboarding Playbook, you'll answer questions & fill in data to bring your Customer Journey Storyboards to life.

Plus - you'll get access to our AI-powered PMF Copilot, where you can build a recruiting screener, analyze interview data, and create storyboards of your Customer Journey.

At the end of this course, you will have your own Customer Journey Storyboards to download & continue to develop.

If you want to identify problems earlier and collaborate with your team more effectively, this prototyping technique is a game-changer 🚀

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