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Product Discovery with Game Thinking

Tue, May 30, 9:00am  PST

Game Thinking is a product development methodology that combines game design principles with product development processes to create highly engaging and successful products.
It focuses on three core elements:

  1. Understanding your players. Knowing who your target audience is, what motivates them, and their goals and challenges.
  2. Designing for engagement. Creating a product that is not just functional but also enjoyable and rewarding to use.
  3. Playtesting your ideas. Test and iterate early in rough form.

General Motor's Corporate Innovation Lead, Ian Brand, will share how he has successfully leveraged this methodology, dive into some of its key tactics, and why it is useful to Product Managers and Designers for nearly all product applications.


FREE TRAINING: Build your Rapid Innovation Playbook

Tue, June 27, 9:00am  PST

We all want to replicate the success of breakthrough, market-leading products we admire.  But statistically - most startups & innovations fail. So how CAN we reliably increase our odds of success on innovative projects?
Simple: by taking core innovation hacks that work across industries, & modifying them to suit your situation. In this training, you’ll learn 3 practical innovation hacks that can reliably 10X your product/market fit. 

Join us LIVE to get your Rapid Innovation Cheatsheet - a downloadable guide that’ll help you put these ideas to work.

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