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Sticky Loops & Superfans

Nov 9, 9am PST

Have you ever wondered how genre-defining products & games come to life? I’ve worked on Rock Band, The Sims, Netflix, ebay, Ultima Online, & Covet Fashion. And it turns out that NONE of these breakthrough hits started by going after a large TAM. Instead, they first captured a narrow “beachhead” of high-need users, & grew from there.  When you get up-close, you find out that high-retention hits do NOT start off with polished onboarding, or fleshed-out mastery systems. Instead, they build a stripped-down “core habit loop” that gives people a reason to come back - & once that’s working, they tune that loop to deliver a better experience as someone becomes more skilled.

So… how exactly do you build & tune a Sticky Loop that drives retention? And why are high-need Superfans the secret to iterating fast & accelerating product/market fit? If you want to build retention & accelerate product/market fit, this is for you. 

Journey Challenge

Nov 14-18, 9am & 4pm PST

This is a FREE 5-day challenge course, available exclusively to members of the Game Thinking Hub. Join us and learn, step-by-step, what goes into creating a strong customer journey, then analyze the customer journey in a competitor's product. You'll learn a key concept that every product leader should understand.

Choosing College — Using customer research to re-invent college admission

Nov 22, 9am PST

We’ll discuss this ground-breaking book by Michael B. Horn and Bob Moesta ( It’s a great example of how the right customer research can lead to dramatically improved results.


The Stage-Gate Model in Corporate Innovation

Dec 6th, 9am PST

What is the Stage-Gate model - and how can it help you innovate more effectively? Come find out.

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How to Identify your Early Adopters, with Ian Brand of GM Global Innovation

How does a big company like GM find new markets? Listen to Ian Brand, Product Strategist at GM Global Innovation, talk about how the Superfan concept from the Game Thinking system accelerated his ability to validate new product ideas, and helped him get projects greenlit. ✅


Understand customer motivation in 3 minutes, with VALS

If you want to understand customer behavior, you need to know about VALS (Values and Lifestyles), a popular psychographic market segmentation tool developed at SRI. The VALS framework helps you understand what motivates different types of customer behavior. Don't make the mistake of assuming that what motivates your customers is the same thing that motivates you. Find out how VALS can help you design better products.

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