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Elite Performance Secrets with Dr. Julie Gurner

Jan 19th, 9am PST

Come learn the secrets behind elite performance in business & life with executive coach & newsletter author Dr. Julie Gurner - nationally recognized executive performance coach, trusted by top percentile talent &their teams to help them achieve world-class performance in fast-paced, high-pressure, extremely competitive environments.

If you're interested in developing your leadership skills - and want to learn from a fascinating person who's followed her own path & carved our a unique niche - this is for you. 

5 Innovation Trends for 2023

 Jan 31st, 9am PST

As we head into the third year of a global pandemic - facing economic & political uncertainty - we’re seeing major shifts in how companies approach innovation & risk management. 

Do you want to leverage industry-wide trends to benefit your business & position yourself for success? Join us & find out
➡️ which pandemic-driven trends are here to stay
➡️ why AI has long-term potential - but crypto is a dead-end
➡️ 3 design hacks to help you stay on-trend & prepare for 2023

See you there 👋🏽

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Helping entrepreneurs find product/market fit 💖

Here are the stories of how two of our clients leveled up this year: Piyush Mahajan & Ankita Pandey from India, and Ian Brand from General Motors. 

I'm grateful that I get to help growth-minded entrepreneurs level up their skills and lead with more confidence. And when we get to see teams we're working with find product market fit, that's the best feeling.


2022 Year-In-Review: 3 Powerful Insights for Innovators

We designed the Game Thinking system to be the fastest way for innovators to get to product market fit. But there's always room for improvement, and we're constantly learning from our students' insights.

 Here are 3 powerful new innovation insights for you to add to your innovation toolkit.

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