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Find Product/Market Fit 10X Faster with AI tools

Tue, September 12, 9am-10am PDT

How are successful, market-leading products born? And can you replicate that success in your own project?

In this high-powered, actionable training, you’ll learn practical design hacks that reveal your best customers' hidden desires and relevant habits. We covered:

➡️ Why 10 high-need early adopters trumps 10K 'users'
➡️ 3 must-have traits that identify your best customers
➡️ How a struggling startup founder cracked the code on PMF
➡️ The counter-intuitive hack used by teams who ship hits

Plus you'll get a 10X Cheatsheet to help you put these powerful ideas to work.
If you want to innovate smarter and super-charge your path to product/market fit, this session is for you. Everyone who RSVPs will get the Cheatsheet, plus a replay afterwards. So even if you can't join us live, RSVP to signal your interest & get the goodies 🎁

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