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Community is the new social with Gina Pell

July 23, 9am PST

Gina Pell runs an invite-only Facebook with 27K members - and a private professional woman's network of world-class leaders from early stage entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 executives. 

Gina has built companies, audiences, & communities - and she sees a shift happening online that will broadly affect us. Join me & learn why a digital media pioneer thinks that social media is transforming into something the world truly needs. Especially now. 

Build your Customer Journey (around a Sticky Habit Loop)

August 6, 9am PST

Design can mean so many different things. Graphics, UI layout, branding, mechanics - these are all elements of your design.

But when you set out to craft a customer journey, you and your team need to focus on the architecture of your experience - rather than the surface design details.

How do you do this? How do you map out the backbone of your customer's experience over time, and communicate that with your team to build something great?

It's not easy - but help is on the way. Join us and learn 3 powerful tools that'll help you craft a product journey that drives customer retention and delight.

Real Change with Jason Hreha

August 8, 9am PST

Learn about Real Change with Jason Hreha

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